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August 28, 2011
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dark land of grass stock by madetobeunique dark land of grass stock by madetobeunique

You can get the FREE full size download by visiting my Website Stock

I recently purchased and rendered a bunch wonderful plants, grass patches, textures and clipart and am sharing them with you as FREE-to-use stock photo images, backgrounds and clip-art. When a person renders (creates a picture) using DAZ 3d models the person is permitted to do with their rendered art as they wish (whether to sell them, show them or give them away), and I wish to share my art with you! I rendered most of these images very large (aprox. 3500 x 3500 pixels) with transparent backgrounds in png file formats. Some of them took several hours to render so I hope you find them useful!

Enjoy! And Send me a link (providing it does not have mature or offensive content in it) when you're done so I can check out your work! And don't forget to FAVORITE this and WATCH me - I'll be adding a lot more clip art like this in the near future! It’d be neat to see what you come up with!

You're welcome to use this on and off Deviantart. You're also welcome to use this for commercial projects. All I ask is that you add this to your favorites and please add a credit link back to my page or my website whenever and wherever my stock is used. or

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